Personal license renewals

Renewal notices
To encourage timely license renewals, the department 
mails license renewal notices at least 60 days before 
a license expires. Renewal notices are mailed to the 
address in our license records for each individual 

For the U.S. Postal Service to deliver license renewal 
notices, the department must have an accurate mailing 
address. It is essential because the Postal Service 
considers the State of Minnesota to be a mass mailer 
and returns all mail undeliverable as addressed, 
including mail where the Postal Service has a 
forwarding address.

Individual license holders are responsible for notifying 
the department when they change their physical and 
mailing addresses. A license update form is available 
online at
Continuing education

Requirements:  Minnesota Rules 3800.3602 prohibits 
DLI from renewing a license that has been held for at 
least 24 months unless the license holder has credit for 
the required hours of continuing education instruction. 
Individuals must complete 16 hours continuing 
education before they may renew a license held for at 
least 24 months.

Min. Hours Max. Hours 
License / NEC Code / Other Related
Master A and B Elect. / 12 / 4
Master Elevator Const. / 12 / 4
Journeyman A & B Elect. / 12 / 4
Journeyman Elevator Const. / 12 / 4
Maintenance Elect. / 12 / 4
Installer A & B Elect. / 12 / 4
Power Limited Technician / 4 / 12
Unlicensed Individuals / 2 / 0
Lineman / 0 / 0

Exceptions:  Licensed linemen are exempt from 
needing continuing education hours to renew their 
license. Masters are not required to complete the 
continuing education hours to renew the license unless 
the license has been held for more than 24 months.

Licensee continuing education status:  Licensees 
may check the status of their continuing education at

The CE status check is unavailable for unlicensed 
individuals because the department does not yet 
have the ability to record and track their continuing 
education hours. However, this capability, will be 
implemented for registrations that expire in 2012.

Late fees
State law prohibits the department from renewing a 
license or registration unless the individual meets the 
statutory requirements. 
For individuals holding electrical licenses, this 
means receipt of the license fee by the department 
and completion of 16 hours of continuing education 
by the expiration date of the license. For registered 
unlicensed individuals, this means receipt of the 
registration fee by the department and completion of 
two hours of continuing education by the expiration 
date of the registration. 

A late fee, however, is required if either the license/
registration fee is not received by the department, or 
the continuing education is not completed within 30 
days of the expiration date. 
Individuals failing to complete their continuing 
education obligation within 30 days of the license/
registration expiration date are required to pay a 
late fee, even if they paid their license fee to the 
department before the license expired.
Follow these steps for a smooth and timely renewal

An electrical contractor license is valid only when all of the statutory 
requirements are met, including 
designation of a responsible master 
electrician who holds a current 
active license. Licensed electrical 
contractors must make sure their 
responsible master electrician 
renews his or her personal license.

Holders of an electrical contractor 
license, whose responsible master 
electrician fails to renew their 
personal license will have an invalid license March 
1, 2011, and thereafter until the 
responsible master electrician 
renews their personal license; or the 
contractor replaces the responsible 
master electrician.

A renewed personal license means 
the department has issued a license 
after verifying the payment of the 
correct license fees and verifying the 
completion of the required 16 hours 
of continuing education. 

Verification of the correct license fee 
occurs on the date the department 
actually receives and records 
payment, not the date the payment 
was placed in the mail and post 
marked. Verification of continuing 
education hours occurs upon 
department receipt of the continuing 
education provider’s attendance 
roster, which is then entered into 
the department’s licensing computer 
system, and confirmation that 
license fee has been paid.
Licensed master electricians 
attending continuing education in 
January and February 2011 may 
cause delays in the renewal of their 
licenses, thereby causing electrical 
contractor licenses to become 
invalid on March 1, 2011, and 
remain so until their licenses are 

Licensed electrical contractors 
should ensure their responsible 
licensed master electricians 
complete the required continuing 
education to prevent any risks to the validity 
of their contractor license.

A master electrician’s continuing 
education status may be checked 
online at
LicElectricalEducation.asp. A status 
listed as “MET” indicates the master 
electrician’s license is ready for 

Responsible master electrician
License and registration reinstatement
Individuals have the length of a license or registration 
period to renew the license or registration. 
Reinstatement of a license or registration requires the 
payment of the license or registration fee necessary to 
bring it up-to-date and a late fee equal to one year’s 
license or registration fee.

For license holders, they have up to two years after 
the license expires to renew their license by paying the 
license and late fees. Individuals failing to reinstate 
the license during this two-year window must pass the 
license examination to become licensed again. Unless 
these individuals have a license that permits them 
to perform electrical work, it also means they must 
register as unlicensed individuals until they pass the 
license examination. A generic license renewal form is 
available online at 

For registered unlicensed individuals, they have up to 
one year after the registration expires to renew their 
registration by paying the registration and late fees. 
Individuals failing to reinstate the registration during 
this one-year period must submit a new registration. 
All electrical work performed during the inactive 
registration period is disregarded when evaluating 
work experience necessary to qualify for a license 
examination. A generic license renewal form is 
available online at