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CCARSA is dedicated to the protection and advancement of the common interests of Telecommunications/Cabling, Telephone Installers, HVAC, Refrigeration, Irrigation, Landscape, Lighting, Cable TV, Alarm and Fire Protection contractors, and any other power limited industry in the areas of licensing, regulation and legislation to accommodate technological advances and services.

CCARSA Successes

  • Over the past several years, CCARSA has opposed anti-technology business issues brought before the Legislature, including:
    • The individual licensing bills (1995-1999); and
    • A bill requiring a "professional engineer’s" license to work in the areas of building control, fire protection, process control and life safety (HF205).
  • CCARSA has taken the lead to revise the current law to address technology business:
    • During the 2000 legislative session, CCARSA launched the Minnesota Technology Business legislation (SF 2898/HF 3297), a legislative initiative to make it clear that Minnesota law does not require a person to be a licensed electrician when there are no safety issues involved in the installation.
    • During the 2001 legislative session, new bill language (SF 2150 / HF 1683) was adopted and gained support from other groups.
    • During following legislative sessions, we defeated bad legislation and successfully directed our bills through the legislature after which it was sign into law by the Governor.

    CCARSA’s Future Tasks

    1. Educate our members on the requirements of the laws and how to obtain the new Technology Contractor and Power Limited Technician License.
    2. Use CCARSA’s substantial influence with the legislature to protect the current license from opposition forces
    3. trying to restrict the scope of work a Technology Contractor can perform, by introducing new legislation.
    4. Monitoring the technology industries to provide our members with the latest and best information on changes that may affect their businesses.
    5. Increase CCARSA’s financial and organizational strength to better support its members and increase its influence in the Electrical Industry.
    6. Help CCARSA members in resolving Power Limited regulation problems they may face in the marketplace.
    7. Coordinate and/or provide seminars and other continuing education training for our members.
    8. Pass any necessary "clean up" legislation.

    These CCARSA benefits greatly exceed the nominal cost of membership. Further, CCARSA membership allows YOU influence on the upcoming legislative issues:

    • Background checks for your employees
    • New work limits.
    • Changes to the electrical law.

    Be Part of the Solution

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    W Braun,
    Apr 6, 2011, 3:58 PM