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Registered Unlicensed Persons
Just a friendly reminder that all Registered Unlicensed Persons must obtain two (2) CE hours on the NEC before December 31st. If an unlicensed person does not achieve the two CE hours, he/she will not be able to legally perform electrical work in the State of Minnesota. Registered Unlicensed Persons must send their CE certificate(s) with their renewal form.

Minnesota has over 11,000 Power Limited Technicians (PLTs) and they need help.

Specifically, all 11,000 plus PLTs need to receive eight general Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every licensing period.  Some PLTs need to have this requirement completed by this August.

We at CCARSA ( represent Minnesota’s Technology Companies.  We would like to help you get your courses certified to receive continuing education credits.

Your course MAY BE QUALIFIED FOR CREDIT to fulfill the State of Minnesota Board of Electricity PLT CEU requirement.  An instructor may be qualified if they have “At least five years practical experience in the subject being taught.  Not more than four hours of instruction credit will be allowed for an educational program conducted by an instructor in this category.”  We cannot guarantee any course will be given credit by the State Board of Electricity.  What we will do for CCARSA member organizations is fill in the paperwork to apply for credit for your course as a CCARSA continuing education class.  Membership in CCARSA is currently $470 annually.  We will process additional course applications for members for $100 each.  CCARSA will additionally handle processing of individual students CEUs who take your course for $10 per student fee as long as your company remains a CCARSA member.

A course MUST BE APPROVED for CEUs before it is taught if students are to receive credit.  Each class must be approved.  Each PLT in a class needs their continuing education credits certified to the State within two weeks of the course.  If you had already had your course approved through CCARSA, the class you are teaching may have qualified for credit.   Once a course is certified, you can teach the course at other times and give CEU credits but each and every course offering must be registered with the State before it is taught.

 CCARSA is holding more CE classes this summer and if you receive certification of your course soon we may be able to have it included in these course offerings.